Pre Conference Workshop : 17th January 2018 Main Conference : 18th to 19th January 2018 Post Conference : 20th January 2018

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scientific program

Day 1 - Main Conference

7.00 AM Breakfast session    
7.45 AM Welcome and announcements    
  Sponsored with breakfast Being organized with sponsoring companies( probably on spine and tumor prosthesis) May be 1 or 2 Spine: Arjun Dhawale,Venkatesh
Tumor reconstruction: Shah Alam Khan, Mihir Thacker
8:00AM Current concepts 10 minutes – 3 talks with 5 minutes discussion  
Mackenzie/ Venkatdoss
  Management of Osteochondral defects in Children   Lucas Murnaghan
  Diagnosis of skeletal dysplasia   Andrew Howard
  Management of cystic lesions of bone   Mihir Thacker
8:35 AM POSI invited research papers 8 minutes + 2 minutes discussion – 6 talks Chairperson
Eva Ponten/Johari
    Is open reduction alone sufficient in toddlers with DDH? Ramani Narsimhan
    Research collaborations with the IHD Registry - how can India contribute? Alaric Aroojis
    Tendoachilles shortening in CP? A revisit? Dhiren Ganjwala
    Shelf osteotomy and trochanteric epiphyseodesis in advanced stage of Perthes Disease. S P Das
    What factors influence union and re-fracture of congential pseudarthrosis of the tibia? Hitesh Shah
    Subscapularis release in OBPP-A cadaveric study Maulin shah
9:35 AM Research papers 10 minutes – 3 talks with 5 minutes discussion Chairperson
Kapil Ganjwal/Andrew Howard
    Race running, a way of training non-walking children with CP Eva Ponten
    Patient reported outcomes in Paediatric Orthopaedics Unni Narayanan
    Vellore RCSENG training program for children's surgical teams from district hospital Vrisha Madhuri
10:10 AM TEA
10.25AM Best papers session 8 minutes +2 minutes discussion  - 10 papers Chairperson
Dr Sriram
Dr Arun Goel
12:05 PM POSI ORATION Dr Benjamin Joseph Chairperson
Drs Ramani Narsimhan/ Alaric Aroojis
    “THULABHARAM, the balance sheet and the accounting equation".  
12:45 PM Debate 15 minutes Paulo Selber/ Gopakumar
    I will do an instumented gait analysis before operating on a CP child  
    Yes Jayanth Sampath
    No Unni Narayanan
1:45 PM Free papers 5+2*5 (5 papers of 5 minute duration and 2 min discussion) Shah Alam Khan/ NK Das
2:20 PM CONFERENCE THEME Research and training – Interactive session Chairperson
Vrisha Madhuri/ Gopinath Menon
  TRAINING 7 minutes – 5 talks PANELIST
    Outreach to LMIC Andrew Howard
    Fellowship opportunities in Canada Unni Narayanan
    Bidirectional trainee exchange: Opportunities and challenges Sanjeev Sabharwal
    Training opportunities in Australia Michael Johnson
    Training opportunities in UK Fergal Monsel
2.55 PM (12 minutes + 3 minutes discussion) Mentorship for budding trainees Josh Hyman
3:10 PM Skills for the Academic PEDIPOD Interactive session Premal Naik/ PN Gupta
    10 minutes each  
    Social media in promoting Paediatric Orthopaedics Taral Nagda
    AI aided learning Venki Muthanna
    Predatory journals Saw Aik
3.40 PM TEA
4.00 PM Case Discussion session   Chairperson
Dr Kamegaya/ Thomas Palocaren
    Case based learning in DDH John Wedge
4.40 PM   Mini symposium on Limb reconstruction Chairperson:
Drs Ruta/ Cherian Kovoor
  10 minutes + total 5 min discussion – 2 talks CHAOS in the management of complex limb deformity Fergal Monsel
    lessons learnt from guided growth Sanjeev Sabharwal
5:05PM GB followed by Banquet    

Day 2 - Main Conference

7 to 7.45 AM Breakfast sponsored session Speaker Chairpersons
7.45 PM Free paper 5+2*5(5 papers of 5 minute duration+2 min discussion)  

Somaraju/ Pasupathy

8.20AM Hip preservation ( 10 minutes + total 5 min discussion – 2 talks )   Gourineni/Manoj Padman
  Intracapsular femoral osteotomies Sanjeev Madan  
  How to shorten the learning curve in hip surgery Millis MB  
  Invited Lectures -10 minutes + total 5 minutes  discussion -2 talks   Saw Aik/Anil Pandey
  Polydactyly - Lessons from the world's largest series Kawabata  
  Perthes The Japanese experience Kamegaya  
9:10 AM Invited lectures – Neuromuscular session ( 10 minutes + total 5 min discussion – 3 talks) 30 min   Abhay G/ Narsimhan Rao
  Dosing in SEMLS Paulo Selber  
  Advances in Neuromuscular deformity correction Michael Johnson  
  SHUEE in decision making for upper extremity Danny Weigl  
9.45 AM Coffee
10:00 AM Case Discussion on Difficult case scenarios in Orthopaedics Ashok Johari Ajai Singh/ Shankar R
10:40 AM  POSI Invited research papers – 8 minutes + 2min discussion – 5 talks – 50 minutes.    
      John Wedge/ Sunil Wijresinghe
  Stosstherapy in Nutritional Rickets : Mysteries Unveiled Vikas Gupta  
  Arthroscopy assisted open reduction in DDH Sanjay Sarup  
  Closed centralisation with percutaneous technique for Heikel 4 Radial club hand Sandeep Patwardhan  
  Ultrasound in assessing hip vascularity in infantile sepsis Rujuta Mehta  
  Single stage rotational correction of Radioulnar synostosis Viraj shingade  
11.30AM Clubfoot symposium ( 7 min each lecture + 10 min combined discussion)   Ranjit Deshmukh/ Vijay Sriram
  Management of atypical clubfoot – Pearls and pitfalls Neeraj Garg.  
  CURE clubfoot program Mathew Varghese  
  Relevance of Ilizarov correction in clubfoot when how and where? Thomas Palocaren  
Case discussion Syndromes of orthopaedic importance Mackenzie Will Tushar Agarwal/ Hitesh Shah
12.40 PM Free papers 5+2*7(7 papers with 5 min +2 min discussion) Suhas Bala/Anirban Chatterjee
  Seven papers of 5 minutes each with 2 min discussion    
1.30 pm Lunch
2.00pm DDH workshop Open to all on day 1    
Advanced workshop DDH
Co-ordinators: Michael B Millis (POSNA)
Vrisha Madhuri (POSI)

DAY 1 (19/01/2018) - 2.00-6.00 PM

Session 1 90 Mins Screening and Bracing  
  15 mins U/S Screening – different techniques- Graf Vs combined Mihir Thacker
Eva Ponten
  20 mins Panel discussion Timing of screening Merits/ demerits of selective vs universal screening Clinical vs U/S screening Eva Ponten
Mihir Thacker
John Wedge
Michael Millis
Danny Weigel
Ramani N
Neeraj Garg
Alok Sud
  15 mins Screening protocol in different countries 3 mins each
    USA Mihir Thacker
    Israel Danny Weigel
    Sweden Eva Ponten
    Japan Kamagayah
  10 mins Follow up screening of DDH treated with braces U/S and radiographs? What is the interval? Till what age? Eva Ponten
Neeraj Garg
  20 mins Panel discussion-Case scenario
U/S positive stable hips
Decentered hips
Irreducible hips
Eva Ponten
Mihir Thacker
John Wedge
Abay Khot
Neeraj Garg
3:30 - 3:15PM 10 min Types of braces Won Rosen Freijka Pillow Pavlik DB brace Eva Ponten
Mihir Thacker
Abhay Khot
Tea 15 mins
Session 2 90 Mins Early management (6-18 months)  
  40 mins Panel discussion – Failed bracing John Wedge
Ashok Johari
Michael Millis
Abhay Khot
Eva Ponten
Neeraj Garg
  30 mins Role of closed reduction +/- adductor tenotomy
1.When to do closed reduction; How long to wait after failed closed reduction/ do you wait
2. Ossific nucleus- present/ absent
3. Age-ideal age?
4. Zone of stability and role of arthrogram
All faculty
  20 mins Open reduction techniques- video/ ppt
1. Medial approach (in older age group 18/36/60 months;ligamentum teres plication)
2. Anterolateral approach
3. Circumferential capsular release
Abhay Khot
John Wedge

DAY 2 (20/01/2018) 8.00 - 12.30 PM

Session 3
(8.00 -8.45 AM)
45 mins Acetabular development/ management  
  10 mins How to evaluate acetabular coverage and development/ improvement after reduction Sanjeev Madan
  10 mins Indication for acetabular procedure in reduced hips (2-3 cases) John Wedge
  20 mins Choice of acetabular procedure- Salter/ Dega/ Pemberton/ combination Kamegaya
Fergal Monsel
Abhay Khot
Eva Ponten
Session 4 45 mins Late and difficult hips-DDH in walking age (18 months and above)  
  10 mins Late presentation/ walking age- femoral shortening/ varus/ acetabular Kamegaya
  7 mins Classical anterolateral approach (video/ ppt) Neeraj Garg
  12 mins
15 mins
Challenges in management of syndromic hips
Panel discussion
John Wedge

Ashok Johari,
John Wedge,
Michael Millis
9.30- 10.30 AM 12 mins
15 mins
Challenges in management of syndromic hips
Panel discussion
John Wedge

Ashok Johari,
John Wedge,
Michael Millis
  5 mins Role of pre-operative traction Kamegaya
  5 mins Shortening Fergal Monsel
    Technique of triple procedure (OR+ femoral / pelvic osteotomy) video/ppt John Wedge
  10 mins + 5 mins discussion Debate- above 8 years- unilateral vs bilateral- to do open reduction or not
Ashok Johari
John Wedge
  30 mins Complication / how to treat  
  10 mins AVN Kamegaya
  10 mins Chrondrolysis Abhay Khot
  10 mins Redislocation Ashok Johari
10.30 -10.50 AM TEA
Session 5 11.00-12.30 PM Hip dysplasia in adolescence  
  15 mins Acetabular and femoral development (also discuss blood supplu of the hip/ acetabulum and injuries to triradiate cartilage and proximal epiphysis) Sanjeev Madan
  10 mins Periacetabular osteotomy Michael Millis
  10 mins Shelf Kamagaya
  10 mins Chiari Ashok Johari
  10 mins Triple Sanjeev Madan
    Salvage procedure  
  10 mins Colonna Michael Millis
  10 mins Pelvic support osteotomy Ashok Johari
  10 mins Arthroplasty considerations in adult hip dysplasia Pradeep Poonoose