Pre Conference Workshop : 17th January 2018 Main Conference : 18th to 19th January 2018 Post Conference : 20th January 2018

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The venue of all workshops to "exam Hall", CMC College campus, Bagayam

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Anil aggarwal Non vascularized fibular graft in children-poor harvest site regenerate
Rohan Parwani Management strategy of relapsed idiopathic clubfeet
Abilash srivatsav DDH in a walking child
Gaurav Jindial complications of tibilalis anterior transfer in relapsed clubfeet
S P Das preliminary experience of one stage treatment of radial club hand
madhusudhan mishra management of neglected CTEV by JESS Ligamentotaxis
Shobhit Gupta Antero-lateral bowing of tibia-different entity
Mustafe Althahir systematic review findings in displaced mid-shaft clavicle fractures
Anil aggarwal size differences in unaffected side and ponseti treated clubfoot
Suresh gandhi corrective osteotomy in congenital radio-ulnar synostosis
Deepak khurana knee dislocation as a complication of femoral lengthening in PFFD
saurabh sinha post traumatic ankle varus deformity in adolescent age
Sarwar Ibne salam management of residual clubfoot deformity after ponseti in Bangladesh
suresh babu Management of genu valgum in Ellis van creveld sybdrome
B Pasupathy Smith Mc Cort Dysplasia
Abhishek Bhasme tibilalis anterior tendon transfer for dynamic supnation in relapsed CTEV
Ritesh arvind pandey Subscapular exostosis producing pseudo-winging and snapping
katragadda sai Grossly displaced neck of femur fracture ina child
Abhilash Srivatsav tibilais tendon transfer for dynamic supination in clubfoot
S.P Das Bilateral pathological dislocation of hip in child